Your Track Tricks

Do you love trying new track tricks? How about inventing your own? Below you’ll find all sorts of inspiration for more track fun. And if you come up with a spec-track-ular new trick with your tracks or trains, or have a fun adventure with them, we’d love to see it! You can have a grown-up send in a photo. We’ll pick at least one photo each week to send through the Track-stagramatic Photo Developer* to reveal the tracks’ faces and share with all the track trick inventors out there! We can’t wait to see YOUR track tricks!

Track Trick #18

Submitted by Julie K.

“My son calls this ‘Track Trick #18’. :)”

Cat Meets CATtrack

Submitted by Asia C.

Cat Tracks

Submitted by Allison C.

“While playing with our trains one day, my two year old daughter said, ‘make a cat!’ So our tracks learned a new trick thanks to Old Tracks, New Tricks! I would never have thought to reimagine our old tracks into a cute kitty!”

Everybody's Posing for the Camera!

Submitted by Asia C.